Security Systems


Bosch B Series

b series

  • Each B Series control panel works around the clock checking for any active alarm situations. It provides peace of mind and ultimate security for any small or medium size facility, whether it be a business or a residence.
  • Operate your system from any smart phone, or tablet. Arm or disarm the system, check status and control monitored points or doors using your hand-held device over the internet or over a cellular communicator. The B Series control panel also has the option of sending you alarm notifications via email or text when opted for during installation.
  • Custom functions tailor the system to your needs and provide simple operation. B Series can be programmed to carry out multiple functions with a single keypad command. Scheduled events also allow for the system to be automatically armed and disarmed at pre-determined times or to perform other functions based on an internal clock and calendar
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g series

  • G Series Integrated Security, Fire and Access Control Panels provides the most optimum security, access control and fire protection for your home or business. Which enables users to interface with one system instead of three.
  • With an array of functions and flexibility Bosch’s G Series control panels are highly effective for a wide range of security requirements. Their integrated and scalable design makes them the right choice for a any facilitation application, including bank branches, commercial office complexes, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores.
  • Email and text notifications as well as remote control of your system using Android or iOS mobile devices
  • The G Series control panels let you control and monitor a wide range of equipment including but not limited to:
    • Smoke and Heat detectors
    • Sprinkler systems
    • Gates and overhead doors
    • Doors and windows
    • Motion and glass break detectors
    • Heating and air conditioning temperatures
    • Sirens and bells
    • Phone line supervision
    • Network Monitoring